HOLIDAY HELPER 2015 – 12 Days of Christmas Project Tutorials Free

**Special Edition Newsletter**
Tami’s Holiday Helper 2015
12 days of Christmas Project Tutorials – Free
It’s beginning to look a lot like the Holidays. Let’s face it, the holidays seem to appear earlier every year.
Wouldn’t it be nice to have creative ideas delivered to your inbox? The holidays are just around the corner, and I have a wonderful opportunity for you! I am going to be sending out my free 12 Days of Christmas Project Tutorials that will not only put you in the holiday mood, but help you enjoy a handcrafted holiday season. See a “sneak peek” below.
Each day, for 12 days, you will receive an email with:
  • Project tutorial.pdfwith full color photographs for each daily project. Each tutorial is at least 6 pages with full detail including:
    • Project of the Day full color photo
    • Step-by-step tutorial with photographs that shows you exactly how to do the project
    • Complete Supply List
My Holiday Helper 2015 is absolutely FREE! My holiday gift to you. The fun begins November 11, and runs for 12 days. If you join after Nov 11, your Holiday Helper will begin within a day of when you join.

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Did you know?

If you join Stampin Up with me, or a member of my Stamp It Demonstrator Group, you are able to send these tutorials to your customers free? It’s true, another bonus of being a demo. Click for details on joining


  • ONLINE EVENT: Holiday Helper is a free “online event” that takes place via email. I use Eventbrite’s “event registration” system to manage the sign ups. The sign up form may refer to “tickets” and confirmation will say “you’ve registered for an event“, it’s just the terminology the system uses. This does take place via email, not in person.
  • UNSUBS: If you have ever hit “unsubscribe” from any of my newsletters in the past, even accidentally, Constant Contact will not allow me to re-add your email address. Please email me and let me know. I’ll send you the steps to take to be added to this special mailing.
  • If you sign up and don’t receive your tutorials, first check out note on “unsubs” then email me .

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  1. Cynthia Morgan says

    I can’t wait for the 12 days of Christmas fun to start. Thanks for offering this free tutorials.

  2. Hi Tammy,
    I watch everything you do. You are ammmmmazzzzzing. Loved the pilgrim shirt and fall tree. Thx for your generosity. And your ideas. Happy Thanksgiving. Gobble, gobble

  3. Hi Tami!
    Thank you for sharing all that you do with us. I love watching your ideas and am always inspired. Your enthusiasm is also very contagious. Looking forward to the 12 days of christmas!!


  4. Hi Tami,
    Thank you for offering the free 12 days of Christmas tutorials! Love all your ideas and videos…you are so creative and inspirational! You are awesome. Thank you!

  5. Traci Lord says

    Hi Tami, I tried clicking the link but nothing happens? It doesn’t take me anywhere. The page just stays on the original. I don’t want to miss this Christmas Series. Please help. :0)
    Thank you

  6. Traci Lord says

    Sorry Tami, its all set. I had to open in z new browser in order to register. Yippee!

  7. Tami, thank you for this free tutorial series! I enjoy your projects and online videos!

  8. just signed up and can’t wait for the tutorials. love the sneak peeks!

  9. Cindy Harrington Cayton says

    Trying to get the free tutorials and it won’t accept my email address. Please help me

  10. Thank you for the gift, Tami. Maybe this will be the catalyst that gets my butt in gear and start on Christmas projects.

  11. Thanks for sharing this lovely goft with us all. I really appreciate it.
    Thanks again,

  12. Thank you for the gift. Hopefully, I can get some cards completed this year.


  13. Donna Wright says

    Hi Tami!
    I don’t understand the measurements for STEP # 3 on DAY 1 Holiday Helper 2015. Please clarify the measurements for the drawer,
    Thank you SO much for these tutorials … they are awesome!
    Have already made most of them and can’t wait to be able to make DAY 1

    Thanks again!

  14. Patty Jo Higgins says

    Is there a way I can get the first 4? I just signed up and got day 5.

    • If you receive an email with the word “correction” on it, it may come out of order. You will be receiving the rest in order, beginning with day 1.

  15. Debbie Paulsen says

    Morning Tami

    same question as Patty Jo and another one previously. I tried the link and I get nothing. I need 1-6… don’t want to miss any

    • Same answer as Patty Jo, If you receive an email with the word “correction” on it (yesterday it was day 7), it may come out of order. You will be receiving the rest in order, beginning with day 1 if you just signed up.

  16. I was confused and thought it started on the 18th. I had registered on the 10th but haven’t received an email. Can you please direct me where to go on the blog so I can access the tutorials. Thanks so much.

    • I’m showing you registered yesterday, you were added this morning and you hopefully received the welcome email letting you know that day 1 will come tomorrow.

  17. Tami,
    When I click on the link for Day 7 the Santa pants, it links to a PDF for a candle. Will I be able to get the one for the Santa pants?

    • A correction was sent out for Day 7 right after the error was discovered. IF you don’t have the corrected email, you can download on the Holiday Helper project page.

  18. Tami
    I registered for the holiday helper, but some how when I open the first half of the emails I guess they were deleted. I saw them ,then when I went back to open the email was gone checked everywhere on my phone, then went to home pc. Is there anyway I can get it again? Thank you, 🙂
    What I saw was awesome!

  19. I signed up for the 12 Days of Christmas and got a confirmation, but I have not received anything.
    I get your newsletter, but not that.
    Please send, as I don’t want to miss out on your woderful projects.
    Thank you,

  20. Hi Tami……I don’t know how I missed this, but would love to be able to see these videos. Will they be available on You Tube along with a link to the pdf files? Thanks in advance.