VIDEO: Tami’s Bloopers, Blunders & Stamp Fails of 2014 – Part 1


This week my StampWithTami YouTube Channel hit 3 Million Views!! WOW! I’m so blown away, thank you so much for watching. 3 million dollar youtubeI live to inspire, and  sometimes that inspiration comes in the form of “what not to do” lol. In honor of this, I’m breaking out some of those classic stamp fails that landed on the “editing room floor” to celebrate the big milestone. I probably should be too embarrassed to share some of these, but am doing it anyway. The laugh’s on me.

In this bloopers edition (spanning videos from fall 2013 – early 2104):
I’m adding a a few new words to “Tami’s Dictionary”, still waiting to hear from Websters Dictionary to see my words make this years cut, kidding. Laughter is always the best medicine, is your “Wicked Witch” laugh good enough to scare the kids? What happens when you open up your framelit dies, only to find the one you need is missing? Do you handcut *gasp*, or change your project lol? We’ll also cover why you shouldn’t craft with drinks on the table. And of course, what’s a Blooper video without an appearance from my Beagle, Flash Gordon. Love this dog! These and more funnies to make you smile and laugh….or just plain shake your head in wonder hahaha.


  • VIDEOS: I’ve posted thumbnails/links to the full videos that were featured in this blooper reel below. You can see all of my videos at a glance by clicking here >
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  1. debbie essay says:

    You are so kinds to share EVERYTHING LOL!
    thank you :0)

  2. Carol Carriveau says:

    You are soooo funny….love your bloopers!!!! Thanks for the Saturday morning giggles!

  3. Thank you for sharing your bloopers with us! It’s nice knowing that everyone has a little oopsy every now and then! LOL

  4. Too funny Tami! Thanks for the much needed laugh! Congrats on all the hits….Wowzers!

  5. Love watching your bloopers, at least I’m not the only one that has them.

  6. Camille says:

    Your right Tami, your bloopers wouldn’t be the same without flash!

  7. Bloopers are always so much fun.

  8. Carolyn Watrous says:

    What fun to click on and hear your light hearted voice, bring joy and laughter to the inky masses. Thank you for all the inspiration and
    instructions that you provide for both your ladies/gentleman and fellow demonstrators. You are a testament to the Stampin’ Up! community.

    stay healthy and safe, please keep creating

  9. Great bloopers! Thanks for starting my day with some laughs!!!