Tami’s 14 Days of September Giveaways – September 4-17

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September 4-17

This year I’m not waiting for Christmas to give away presents. I’m giving away tons of fabulous Stampin’ Up prizes while I travel in September. The 14 days of giveaways will take place here on my blog. I’ll be revealing a new prize each day for 14 days.

How do I play?
Check in here each day to reveal that day’s prize and to enter the drawing. You’ll receive 2 bonus entries for each person you refer to enter.

  • Giveaways will begin here on this post on Sunday, September 4.
  • Each day will only be open for 24 hours beginning at 3am EST.
  • Entries for each day will close when the next day opens.
  • You may enter 1x each new day.
    • You will need to enter each day (for example entering on day 1 only qualifies you for Day 1 prize, not all of the prizes), so be sure to check back here each day to enter.
  • Share the giveaway with a friend and get 2 additional entries each day.





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  1. Connie Cappello says

    Safe travels and a great trip, thank you for giveaways and terrific card ideas

  2. thanks for this opportunity

  3. Peggy Dickson says

    You make everyday seem like Christmas…365 times…thank you

  4. Thanks for sharing your creativity with me, I CASE your cards!

  5. Have a wonderful vacation! Thank you for the giveaway opportunity!

  6. Bobbie Castleman says

    Had a great stamping getaway retreat over the weekend.

  7. Wow Tami! You are so generous! Love that you share like this!

  8. Thanks for the chance to win.

  9. Virginia L Fox says

    Day 4 Hope your trip is going great

  10. Carol Reed Sanquenetti says

    Sweet! Thanks for Sharing!

  11. Sandra Kowalski says

    The pictures you are sharing are fantastic! What a vacation!

  12. Sheila Richerson says

    Have a safe and wonderful trip. Thank you for sharing your amazing talent with us…you cards are beautiful. Also, thanks for the chance to win during your giveaways.

  13. Barbara Angelo says

    Safe travels, enjoy and get refreshed. Thank you for the early give away

  14. Tami, thank-you for the opportunity to win awesome prizes.
    Also, for letting us see what the other part of the world looks like with your amazing pictures. Always enjoy them !

  15. Thanks for the opportunities! HAve a safe trip.

  16. Wendy Pantzer says

    Thank you for the chance to win some awesome prizes. Be safe and have fun.

  17. Lucy Wituci says

    I think your a very talented lady….

  18. Pamela Vega says

    I hope you’re having a fabulous vacation!!

  19. Some how I missed a day? Went n looked at emails wasn’t there..thanks for having this giveaway..hopefully you are making amazing new memories!

  20. Alinda Littrel says

    You are the best. I love all you videos.

  21. Suzi Yerkes says

    Have a wonderful tip and get lots of new ideas to share. Love all of the great projects. Thanks. Christmas is coming!

  22. Safe travels.

  23. Virginia L Fox says

    Day 5……Love all the items you show us

  24. Chris Robinson says

    Thanks for your generous give away. This is one of my favorite.

  25. Lizzy Gabiou says

    #Stampitcontest omg this is am amazing giveaway! Hope your vacation trip is going amazing Tami!

  26. Somehow I missed 4 days but was excited to see your email today!
    Thank you and have an amazing vacation!

  27. Have a safe enjoyable trip!
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  28. Betty Brotzman says

    Thanks for the chance to win
    Enjoy your trip.

  29. So sweet of you Tami to spoil one of us!! Thank You…

  30. Carol Koroleski says

    Have a wonderful vacation 😀

  31. Virginia L Fox says

    Day 6 Hope you are having fun

  32. karen m kilgo says

    Thanks for making the start of September so much fun. I hope you have a relaxing trip.

  33. Ooohh! A person can just FEEL the palm trees blowing in today’s giveaway! Thanks, Tammi! Hope you are enjoying your vacation!

  34. Thanks for the chance to win for wonderful items!
    Hope you enjoy your trip.

  35. Beautiful day in southern Illinois

  36. Bobbie Castleman says

    Last child is out of the house. More time for stamping!!

  37. Virginia L Fox says

    Day 7 can’t belive it has paaed by so fast

  38. Tami Hope you are having a great trip. Your pictures of the icebergs and pups are so cute. Safe Travels and Thank you for the great giveaways you have picked for us.

  39. Kimberly L Krakowski says

    This is so fun. I love your tutorials.

  40. Virginia L Fox says

    Day 8…..hope you are having fun

  41. Virginia L Fox says

    Day 9….Thank you for this prize give away.

  42. Jeannette van says

    Thanks for the chance to win this. Your ideas are so great. Enjoy your vacation!!!

  43. Betty Brotzman says

    Thanks for the opportunity to win.
    So sweet

  44. Bobbie Castleman says

    Thanks for the many opportunities to win a fabulous product.

  45. Virginia L Fox says

    Day ?? I am so messed up on the day…Hope you are having a fun time.

  46. Ann H Pavlicek says

    Have a safe trip!

  47. Hope you are having a wonderful trip!
    Thanks for a chance for the giveaway!

  48. Bobbie Castleman says

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  49. Patricia Chamberlain says

    What great give aways! Thanks for the opportunity to enter. Love watching your videos and the cards you make.
    Safe travels!


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