Money Wreath for the loved one who has it all

Money Wreaths

Money Wreaths

For Christmas this year I wanted to give my kids cash. But giving cash can be so impersonal, I wanted to make it special.  I made these light up money wreaths out of cash for them by pinning the dollar bills and poinsettia die cuts. These were a big hit on Christmas morning.


Money Wreath


Wrap the foam ring to decorate. I used a 15.6″ x 2″ foam ring purchased at a craft store. I wrapped it with the widest ribbon I could find.

Money Wreaths Make Cash Gifts Fun


Pin both the ribbon and cash to the wreath using  “U Shaped” 1″ Display pins.

Money Wreaths Decorate


Decorate the wreath.

I used the Stampin Up Poinsettia dies as accents to decorate the wreath. I think they are festive. These dies will be carrying over after the Holiday catalog retires. They are one of the very few carry over items. The Red & Green Foil will be going away when the catalog retires on Jan 4, but will return in next year’s holiday catalog. However, you could switch it up and make these good for many occasions like birthdays, graduation, etc.

You can easily adapt these wreaths for other occasions, such as birthdays, graduations, even Valentine’s Day. There are lots of great dies that you can decorate them with. Here’s a few I thought would look great.

Money Wreaths string LightsSTEP 4

Add battery operated string lights. I found a pack of 10 on Amazon (click here). I used velcro to attach the light base to the wreath, then just wrap the lights around.

Cash Wreaths



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  1. Sandra Kowalski says

    Loved the idea of the money wreath. Thank you for the basics of making it!


    The money wreath is very clever. I plan to make a birthday one when my grand-daughter turns 13 in spring. Was one set of the mini lights enough for the 15″ wreath? Thank you for the great idea.

  3. Found the money wreath intriguing. I’m sick of giving my kids gift cards every year. However this year due to the pandemic it was the only option I had… But hopefully next year will be different and I can see them!