Video & Giveaway: $2Million Party Video and Blog Candy

$2 Million Party & Blog Candy

Today’s video is a little FBF “Flash Back Friday” fun (and blog candy giveaway). Stampin’ Up just sent this video they put together. It contains the highlights of my $2,000,000 party last year at the Stampin’ Up! Mfg Plant in Kanab, Utah. It has been so fun reliving this milestone memory.

I chose to have the celebration at our factory with the workers who make our products. This is where our stamps are made. While we were there, I did a video documentary on the people behind the stamps. You can read the full recap of our adventures on this trip below.

Stampin’ Up also made a very generous donation to Autism Speaks on my behalf. I’ll share Rett Christiansen’s letter below. The month previous to this party my customers and I had raised over $2,000 for Autism research and awareness. Stay tuned next we’ll be doing it again! In April I will be launching another fun card kit to raise money in honor of World Autism Awareness Day / Month.



Let’s have some more fun with a little blog candy giveaway. What’s “blog candy” you ask? It’s a fun way to say PRIZES!  I’m doing a giveaway drawing for the Lasting Lily Saleabration (Level 2) stamp set. I have 2 sets to giveaway.

To enter you’ll just need to leave a comment on this blog post. That’s it!





{Reposted from May 2018}

From the beginning this was an adventure I will never forget. The trip began in Las Vegas with mom, Dad and Step-Mom, it was the first time we had all been on vacation together. My boyfriend Paul joined us for the weekend, but had to travel home Sunday night for work.


We decided to extend our trip and come out a little early and spend some time in Las Vegas. Lots of fun walking around and taking in the sights.


The Grand Canyon trip was an awesome and special for so many reasons. It’s not often that I got to spend time with all of my parents together, let alone do a road trip adventure. As we did this skywalk my mom (who is terrified of heights) was petrified (literally). She didn’t want to miss the experience, but she was almost paralyzed when she looked down and saw the glass floor. Watching my Dad and Step mom take her hands and help her walk the bridge was a very special feeling of love and pride in my heart. Everyone there cheered for her when she made it across to the other side. In addition the views were awe inspiring and incredible!


A few more pictures of beautiful Kanab taken from the house Stampin Up put us up in. The middle picture on the left is the house, we loved it. Spent as much time as we could out on that deck soaking in this great view. So much beauty everywhere you look here.


Here’s a few pictures from one of the best days ever. My dad, step mom and I went out on Lake Powell with friends Pam and Scott Nielsen (SU CFO), Sterling and Shelli Gardner (SU co founder) and Sean and Sara Douglass (SU CEO) on their boat for an incredible day that I will never forget. It felt like being with family, having fun and taking in the most breathtaking scenery.



Words can’t describe the overwhelming emotion experienced at my $2 million celebration. We did it a little different then my million dollar celebration (at the home office in SLC) this time we did it at our mfg plant in Kanab, UT. Our stamps, ink and paper are made in the USA right here by these great people. It was very special and so much love. Here’s a few highlights from the event.



What would you do with this bonus check? After much planning, I used a portion of it to give back in prizes for the “12 Days of Giveaways”, some went to my son’s college bill, and some very much needed home improvements. Including an office remodel so I can be more efficient, and serve my customers even better. For 14 years I’ve been working on an old desk I bought off of Craigslist, with no drawers, and no files.


The mystery question when Sara Douglass posted this top photo was “What inside the box”? So for fun I did a little poll on Facebook to “Caption this photo”. My favorite being the keys to Sara and Sean’s boat lol. Although it wasn’t the boat, it was the first ever $2,000,000 stamp and a commemorative acrylic block. So for those who guessed “a stamp set I didn’t have” you would be correct! I can’t wait to use it.



I couldn’t love Stampin Up more then I do right now. What a beautiful thing!! Last month we raised over $2,000 for Autism and now thanks to Stampin Up’s generosity we can raise even more for such a great cause



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    Wow! Congratulations on your success!!! What an accomplishment!
    Thank you for all you do to help us make really nice cards! I’d love to win!

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