VIDEO: Expressions Thinlits Dies

stampin up thinlits dies

Do you want to take your Big Shot to the next level? Well our Expressions Thinlits Dies will allow you to do just that. These die cutting tools could be considered close cousins to our Framelits and Edglits, but they allow for even more intricate cuts and detailed designs that we haven’t been able to do before.

These dies are great to use to cut out words as an embellishment on projects, or use the negative space to add layers and interest to your cards or scrapbook pages.

Here are a few tips:

• To use Thinlits dies, you’ll need a Big Shot machine, Multipurpose Platform on tab 2, and Standard Cutting Pads, or you can use our awesome new Magnetic Platform. (Be sure to still use both cutting pads when using your Magnetic Platform.)
• As with all of our dies, the Thinlits are designed to be used with a single sheet of paper or cardstock.
• When you run the Thinlit through the Big Shot, you may need to use a shim to get a clean cut due to variations in materials.
• And, due to the intricacy of the die, the paper might stick to the die after cutting. A few things you can do to help with this:
o Put a piece of wax paper between the cardstock and the die.
o Run the die through the Big Shot several times — this makes the paper easier to remove and also leaves a cleaner edge on the cut image.
o After running through the die through the Big Shot, tap it on the edge of your table to help the cut piece pop out.
o Or, you can simply push a paper piercing tool or a toothpick through the holes in the die.


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  1. I cant wait to try these out with my big shot..i haven’t been making too many cards these days b/c i was taking a few college course..but i am on break for 3 weeks…yay!! card making time…

  2. I can see so many uses for these!

  3. I have an electronics cutting machine that has NEVER been able to cut such detailed words. So excited to get this!

  4. I need this die set.

  5. Wax paper works great. Good tip.

  6. I can use this set in so many ways.

  7. I love the detailed cut.

  8. Such amazing details!

  9. Ooh! How fun! Can’t wait to give these a try!

  10. Melinda Thomas says

    I’m in heaven with all of the new “toys” to go with my Big Shot!!! Stampin’ Up is the greatest!

  11. Great die set!

  12. Cynthia Tuttle says

    These are amazing!! I have moved these little guys to the top of my most wanted list!!

  13. bought some, love them

  14. Love the font!

  15. Ohhhhh….if I cut out of foam can I make a stamp with it?

  16. Cute lettering style. Great size too