#1 Demonstrator of the Year – WOW!!!

I’ve just returned home from Stampin’ Up!’s annual convention, and still all I can see is WOWOWOWOW!!! BEST CONVENTION EVER!!! If you’ve been following either my Facebook, and/or Stampin’ Up’s Facebook for convention highlights, you heard this on Awards Night…if you missed it…
stampin-up-demo-of-the-year-announcementI was named Stampin’ Up!’s #1 Demonstrator of the Year for 2011 (US)!!!!!!!!!!

OMG!!!!!!!! WOW!!! It is an honor, and truly amazing feeling. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! To all of my demonstrator group, my customers, my stamp clubs gals and of course my family for all of your Stampin’ Support!! You made this possible. I LOVE YOU!!!

founders-circle-bagI think it’s finally sinking in, it came as an unexpected shock. Let’s start at the beginning way back to last week when I checked into convention online. It notified me I had won an award, and that I should go to the awards booth when I arrived at convention, it did NOT tell me what I had won. That was exciting!! And honestly, I was worried…I was still pretty bruised and banged up from the motorcycle accident and I thought I might need to buy a new long sleeved, high collar dress to hide all of the marks lol! Great news, amazingly most of it had faded, only a few war wounds were still visable and I am almost fully recovered (broken thumb still a work in progress). When my mom and I arrived, we made our way to the awards booth and they announced that I had earned a spot in the Top 100 Demonstrators of the company, called Founders Circle!!! I received this amazing FC bag. Just learning that I had earned a spot in Founders Circle was exciting…and of course they still don’t tell you exactly what spot you’ve earned. We anxiously awaited awards night for the news.

stampin-up-demo-of-the-year-announcement21There are 3 categories that the Top 10 Demonstrators in each are recognized – Sales, Recruiting & Leadership…I’m soooooooo stinkin’ excited to announced that I ranked in the Top 10 of ALL of them!!!! Holy cow!! Then the Top 100 Demonstrators of the Year are named. The DOY (Demo of the Year) is overall performance. As they were counting down my nerves started to kick in the lower the numbers got. My mom was next to me and we were squeezing each others hands so tight we lost circulation with anticipation with each name. My friends Cheryl Flynn and BJ Peters were across the aisle from me and when they called the #2 DOY (which was me last year) and it wasn’t me…we ALL lost it…my friend Cheryl came running over, we all were shaking and crying…it was very emotional. And then I realized, I still had to walk up to the stage. I wasn’t sure if I could pull it all together and everything was a blur after that. all I can say is WOW!!!


And this is just the tip of the convention excitement!! Stay tuned this week for more.

Stampin’ Up!’s Official Highlights Video from Convention 2011…
if you look closely you may even see me once or twice!!!!




    1. what an awesome honor!!! whew hew. So glad it was you. you deserve it.

    2. I am not surprised by this award because it is well deserved. I am a regular visitor to your site and I am in awe of your work and your creativity.
      Last year I was fourth demonstrator French and I’ve found it very moving when the first, I guess it must be …
      Qi I’m sorry my English is not very good!
      Good evening and congratulations again

    3. Tami! CONGRATS!! You’ve hit the SU! lotto!! You’ve earned it and well deserved! So glad to have you as my Upline!

    4. Tami you are so good and you deserve the honor….Congrats

    5. Beverly main says:

      Congrads to you!!!!! Enjoy the ride! I bet it all most made you forget your bike accident. Almost!

    6. incredibly well-deserved. congrats again, Tami. hope to see you at founder’s circle. hugs, mary

    7. Congratulations!!!

    8. Congrats Tami on being #1!! What an honor! All your hard work pays off! Happy Healing too!

    9. You deserve it, sweetie!

    10. Julie Habben says:


    11. Congratulations from a blog-follower from Australia. Such an amazing achievement!!! So inspirational. I hope to become a demo here very soon. 🙂
      PS – is there a list somewhere of the Top 10 US demonstrators from Convention?

    12. CONGRATULATIONS!!! What an accomplishment!!!! I’m just happy I came accross your blog :o) Guess this would explain why I am so impressed with it!

    13. Diane Penticoff says:

      Congratulations Tami! What a wonderful award. You deserve the recognition. Glad you’re feeling better too.
      Yay for you,
      Diane Penticoff

    14. Ann Addante says:

      Congratulations! So impressed with your blog! Your the best and you deserved the award!
      Ann A.

    15. Carole Ewing says:

      CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! You deserve this honor. Your work is truly inspiring.

    16. tracey whitstine says:

      Tami I am so glad for you.I came a cross your site but pure luck.FOR me that is.You have such a excitement that makes me want to be part of a happy family as STAMPIN UP. Keep up the good work.GOD is working through you .GOD BLESS YOU.

    17. Christy Imes says:

      You deserve the recognition and I am positive you will have many more ahead in years to come!! Your the best Tami with all that you do on your web-site and with that special videos and so many other things you have going for all of us!! Thank you for being part of my life, your the BEST!!!

    18. Fran Lancaster says:

      Dear Tami,
      Congratulations! You deserve this award. You have given ideas to so many who cannot come up with ideas on their own. I wasn’t using my Stampin Up, but after joining your Stamp Club, I’m very happy to say I’m using the Stampin Up now. Thank you, and congratulations again.

    19. De Anna says:

      Tami, Congrats what an honor but you make it easy for others to get in this business of inspiring,encouraging and just plain sharing what you love doing with others.

    20. Michelle Worobow says:

      Hi, Tami,
      I am SOOO happy to hear that you earned
      #1 Demonstrator of the Year!!!
      GOOOOOO, TAMI!!!
      Regarding your (horrible) accident, I am relieved to hear that you are recovering nicely. Please take care and rejoice in your healing AND wonderful Stampin Up accomplishments…Michelle W.

    21. Congratulations, Tami!

    22. Congratulations, Tami! You certainly deserve the honor. You are simply amazing and inspiring! Enjoy your cloud!

    23. CONGRATULATIONS! I was there in the audience and so excited when you were announced the Top Demonstrator ! What an honor, and I am sure you earned it.

    24. Tami, Congratulations! You are so creative and really deserve this honor. I’m so happy to be part of your club. You looked so beautiful accepting the award (couldn’t even tell you had bruises). Keep up the great work.

    25. Tami, what an achievement!! You rock. Thanks for all your creative ideas.
      Enjoy the award.

    26. Cathy Dawe says:

      Congratulations Tami!! I’m so happy for you. You are very very talented and very deserving of being the #1 Demo in all of SU. I read your blog regularly for inspiration, and I am never disappointed. Thank you for all you do for me through your blog. See you at Convention 2012!!

    27. Lori Walker says:

      Hi Tami,

      I was searching the web for Stampin Up Demonstrators and came arcoss your website….I started watching your video clip on some pretty amazing ideas…and I was in this state amazement….I couldn’t stop watching them. I kept telling myself that you were the “BEST” demonstrator that I had ever had the privlage to watch. Then I realized that you had won demonstrator of the year….WOW…How exciting for you!!! You certainly deserve it Tami, and Congratulations!!!! I wish that I was in your area, so I could actually meet you in person and go to your classes. Take care and keep on stampin!!

    28. First, congratulations on Demonstrator of the year. I’m looking forward to going “backwards” through your blog, having just found it today while looking for the “never ending card”. Found several, and after reading the tutorials, etc, decided it was too hard to mess with. BUT, then I found yours, and I’ve made three today – with more to follow. Loved the tutorial, “handouts” and more. I look forward to following you from here out.