VIDEO: Stampin Up Founders Circle Recap and Card Shares


I might have had too much fun at the Stampin Up Founders Circle event this past week in St. George, UT. Somehow,  lost my voice. It could be that I lost my voice from the laughter and good times with friends. You know when you laugh you hard you snort? Well that happened, over and over until we cried. Be prepared for this when you watch this video. Friday we went to the Stampin Up mfg plant in Kenab, UT .

FC15_Blog Button 2This is my tenth year earning this event. The “theme” of this year’s event was called “The Last Splash” because it is the last year Stampin Up is holding this event. They are updating their events, and this is one they will no longer be having. Each year, we each chose how we’d like to spend our time. Some go to relax, this year I decided to make it an adventure. Beginning with flying into Las Vegas a day early, with my friend Phyllis Shepard.

It could be that I lost my voice here in the beginning on the “high Roller” ferris wheel, or jumping off a 810′ building….hmmmmm….or it could be I lost it on the zip line or ATV tour.

Coming up in this video is some exciting highlights of the trip, the mfg plant visit, our 110 person card swap and close ups of some of these amazing cards. Be prepared for a good laugh, and a little excitement….



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I was Triple Dog Dared…110 stories over the Vegas Strip…





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  1. Love the utube today! Great ideas!

  2. I thought Reason for the season card with poinsettia would be a good on for a tutorial. really love all your tutorials.

  3. Gwen Jackson says

    Can you do video on the penguin merry Christmas card that open side ways sorta like a tri shutter fold? Or sdnd me the link of someone video showing how to do it? Thanks

  4. Love them all. Would love if you could do the pointsettia one, Halloween belly band one with gum holder, and the window frame lit one. Sorry I didn’t write dipown the “real” names.

  5. What a great video. It looks like you had a wonderful, fun adventure that u earned! Loved all the cards, especially the Reason for the Season one, the Dove of Peace beautiful one & the 2 fun fold cards. Thanks so much for sharing.

  6. I want to see you make a video on how to make the fun fold card featuring the new penguin stamp set. Forgot the name of it … snow place maybe ?? Super cool card!

  7. All of these cards are wonderful. I’m hoping you will show us how to make the Halloween card that is also a gum/candy holder and the fun fold penguin card that opens sideways.

  8. I love the window on a brick wall. I would love to learn how to make the bricks.

  9. Love the effect of the layered brayer; what a beautiful background! Cool card!

  10. Loved the Penguin and Snowman cards. So CUTE !!!

  11. Jessica Erickson says

    I love the Peace card, so elegant, and the sleigh ride. Thanks for sharing these wonderful cards!

  12. Beryl Maxwell says

    I have LOTS of favorites, some mentioned above, but I’d like to see a video of the 3 D Happy Scenes card