VIDEO: See my Stampin Up Convention Swaps

tamis stampin up convention swaps

I’ve just returned from Stampin Up’s Annual Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah. I attended with some of my Stamp It Demonstrator Group, and met friends there, as well as made many new friends. What an amazing event! Aside from having fun and spending time with friends, one of my favorite parts of any Stampin Up event is the swapping.

What’s a Card Swap?

A card swap is when you make a bunch of the same card, say 20, then swap with other people and come home with 20 different ideas. I thought it would be fun to share with you some of the cool swaps I came home with, and give you a couple of sneak peeks of things to come….

Tami’s Convention Card Swap Video

Stampin Up Convention Highlights Video


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  1. Today I got to see your video Great one. I would love to see all of them that you could make. You always do such a great job with your videos. I take a day and watch your newest videos when my health allows me to do so. You are a great demonstrator. Thank you

  2. TX JennyWren says

    the punched turkey is adorbs. show us that one in a video, please?

    Also the bleached ReMarkable You flower that was watercolored!!


    hi Tami.
    unable to go to the convention this year .but I would like to see the Minion case video.
    where did you get does Minion tic tac ????? I have been looking all over .
    my home is in Reno,nv
    Tami thank you so much for your hard work, your videos,
    you are just wonderful…..have a great day. Jocelyne

  4. Hey Gorgeous … I did see you on the live feed a couple of times. Glad you had a ball … those cards are sweet – love the minions! Miss you!

    • I made the live feed?!?! Wahoo!!! Score!!!! More minions to come my friend, I might have had a little too much fun with the minions hahaha

  5. Shirley O. says

    I would love to see a video of the card with the three Christmas trees on the front. It looks really neat! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Please do a video on the 2 xmas cards. TYVM.

  7. Joyce Lovato says

    I would love to see the Moose card and the Minions.
    Thank you for sharing.

  8. Would . Love to see t h e cards with the veggies, love them

  9. Betty Gillespie says

    Hi Tami,
    I’m so excited you chose two of my swap convention cards to show on you video; the flower pot on the picket fence and the “crow” punch art card.
    You’ve made my day! I sat behind you in one of the sessions and was honored to give you a few of my swaps. I brought 500 cards for swapping this year because that is my favorite thing to do at convention also. I love giving some away to special people like you who help so many stampers with ideas!
    Thanks again, Betty

    • It was so great to meet you at convention!! Wow, I can’t believe you made 500 cards. Holy moly!!! Everyone loves your card, as you can see it’s a favorite among the cards I shared on the video. So at first I thought it was a turkey, but then after the video some gals pointed out it is a crow hahaha! Apparently I can’t tell a turkey from a crow, or a moose from an elk.

  10. Hi Tami
    I love your video on swaps I was at convention and got a chance to meet you- congrads on your awards – keep the great ideas coming

  11. Christine Miner says

    Anything Minion is the best! Can’t wait til next week. Love the flower pot one also.

  12. Yes, the punched turkey, please.
    I just love your enthusiasm!

  13. Vicki Perry says

    Love them All. Love Minions for sure…. Can’t wait!!!
    Vicki from Littleton, Co

  14. Lynn Gauthier says

    OMGosh Tami, they were all awesome and thank you so much for sharing them with us!!! I LOVE the punched turkey and the Christmas cards were all amazing; especially the balloon/bulb card.
    Look forward to your Minion post.

  15. Of course the minions are “in” now and would be fun! p.s. – it’s an elk not a moose. Moose have the wide antlers.

    • Of course … wide antlers … should’ve known…kiddding!!!!! Like I said I “should” know that. Now this poor elk is having an identity crisis.

  16. Tami,
    Loved the latest video from convention. You deserve every award and more. You are talented,thoughtful and extremely helpful. I am so happy that you are my Stmpin’ Up gal. Keep up the wonderful things that you do for all. Loved all of the swap cards. Can’t decide…..Thanks for sharing.

    • Oh Carolyn you have made my day. What a sweet thing to say. I’m proud to call you a friend. and I promise to keep up the inspiration. stay tuned.

  17. Artgranny says

    I would love to see that bleached lotus flower card …… elegant looking.
    Thanks so much for sharing all the great cards. Loved the little minion guy, so will my grandsons!!

  18. Lynne Ingram says

    My favorite was the 3 Christmas trees. That looks like a lot of fun to make.

  19. Sharron Simmons says

    Love all of them, please do as many videos you can. It is so helpful to have the video and the worksheet of your projects.
    Congratulations on your many awards, well deserved!! You are an awesome demonstrator, thanks for sharing your talent.

  20. Minion anything!!!! I’ll be watching for it! And the bleached flower card ok and any others you want to do! We watch them all!!

  21. Thank you for the fun video. My favorite card was the 3 Christmas trees! Please show us how to do that one:)

  22. What a fun video you made!! You are just so cute!! I would love to see a video of the flowers and the woodgrain fence!! All of the swap cards are fun and beautiful and I hope to CASE some of these awesome cards!!

  23. I love the Christmas tree card and would love a tutorial of this card.

  24. LOVE your videos! Please do one on the punched turkey for fall…. SO cute! Thank you for all you do for other demos as well! You are always so energetic!

  25. Hey Tammi – Just watched your video of the swaps and am going to do several in my workshop tomorrow. BTW – my favorites are the ‘herb dip’ card – just made them for each of my attendees tomorrow & the upside down balloon ornament cards – what a great idea! …..all great cards – thanks for sharing!!!

  26. Dianne Crowe says

    Two wonderful videos. Would love to see a video on the watercolour paper with the turtle.