More Founders Circle photos and video

Here is a collage of my photos from Stampin’ Up Founder’s Circle this past week. It was such an amazing time. I miss everyone already!

Click here (or on the collage) to open up my photo gallery with descriptions of each picture.

Tami White's pictures from Stampin' Up Founders Circle

TEACHING GLENDA A NEW TRICK: One day at Founder’s Circle Dawn Griffith and I taught Glenda Travelstead how to make a video using her new computer. I whipped out my camera, shot a quick 15 second video to expirament with. In just 1 half hour, we had taught Glenda how to add titles, intros, effects such as aging the video, slow down certain spots, etc. She went back to her room, completed the video all on her own, uploaded to YouTube (by herself) and this is the finished product. We are soooo proud, but really you can’t help but watch this and laugh…it’s pretty darn funny!

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