The new Stampin’ Up Paper Trimmer is now available


We’ve all been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the new Stampin Up Paper Trimmer and it’s now available for purchase. There are good improvements to the overall design, but the biggest improvements are in the design and function of the cutting and scoring blades. The new blades are easier to hold, glide smoothly, cut cleanly and don’t pull to one side.

Check out the Top 5, read all about the new features and comparison to our older model below.

Here are my Top 5 of the new Paper Trimmer.

ONE: The body of the trimmer has a squared shape that’s easy to store on its side, light weight, includes a look for hanging, and the extension arm is extra-long to fit larger paper.

TWO: The clear cutting guide is wide and solid so it won’t warp when cutting and it clips closed automatically without having to close with a latch.

THREE: Cutting and scoring blades are larger making them easier to grip and the shape is centered so cutting isn’t skewed to one side.

FOUR: Cutting and scoring blades are easy to remove and can be flipped and used either direction, so if you tend to cut only up or down you can flip and re-use.

FIVE: Cutting blade is super-sharp and longer so it can easily cut 2 – 3 sheets of cardstock!

Surface & Body:

– Overall similar size
– Lighter weight (14 ounces vs. 21 ounces)
– Squared shape easier to store on its side
– Thinner more streamlined because it doesn’t have storage or a kickstand
– Includes an opening or loop for hanging on a peg
– 9 rubber grip feet for stability and non-slip instead of 5
– The clear cutting guide is larger, more solid, and moves and warps less
– Clear cutting guide clips in place and stays closed automatically without having close with a latch
– No cutting track to fall out or replace
– No storage underneath. I didn’t really use the storage so I don’t think it’s a big loss and I like the lighter weight.

Cutting Blades:

– Hardly a comparison! The new ones are so much better!
– Larger overall size makes it easier to grip
– Shape is more centered so cutting isn’t skewed to one side
– Can be flipped and used either direction, so if you tend to cut only up or down you can flip and re-use.
– The blade is huge! (Okay it’s still tiny, as it should be, but by comparison it is so much larger)
– Easily cuts 2 – 3 sheets of cardstock
– Easy to remove and replace blades. No more stabbing yourself on the sharp measurement indicator or breaking a fingernail
– Larger guides make the blade run more evenly and smoothly along the track
– 4 replacement blades to a package instead of 2
– None!


– Like the cutting blades the overall larger size is easier to grip
– The shape and track give a straighter score line
– The larger, wheel-shaped scoring blade creates a very fine score line that folds easily
– Doesn’t breakthrough or rip the paper as easily as the old score blade
– None!


– Clear protective coating over grid and measuring surface to prevent lines and numbers from wearing off
– Don’t forget, there is a removable plastic protective film on the shiny white surfaces. This will begin to tear and scratch if you leave it on.
– Imperial and Metric measurements are shown
– Longer extension arm goes to 17-1/8″ (43-1/2 cm) instead of 14-1/2″ (cm not marked on US version of old trimmer)
– The extension arm lays flat, no kickstand needed
– The extension arm has no gap so any measurement is easy to see
– The frequently used 6″ measurement is easy to see and the edge of the arm serves as a guide at 6″
– 1-1/2″ cutting area on the right side of the cutting guide instead of 1-1/4″
– Cutting track is smaller so measuring small strips is easier
– Because of the handy guide at 6″, you’ll need to open the arm when cutting larger than 6″ so the paper lays flat

TIP: When cutting, don’t press down too hard or you may create a bend at the edge of the paper. The blades are sharp and only need light pressure to cut really well!





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