Oh, Canada! Presenting in Edmonton

On October 1 I went flew off to visit my friend Lynsay Mahon in Alberta, Edmonton, Canada! This was my first trip to Canada (minus a day at Niagra Falls which I don’t think counts). I was really excited to go visit.

I spoke at a Cloud 9 team meeting, that was open to all demos in the Edmonton area. What a great group of gals out there, it really was a treat. Part of my “compensation package” from Lynsay was going to the West Edmonton Mall and visiting the World’s Largest Indoor Roller Coaster. I’m a bit of a coaster junkie, and I could not wait for this.

Lynsay on the other had, not so much of a roller coaster enthusiast. Here is a picture of us taken on one of the rides. Kelly (Lynsay’s friend, Lynsay and myself). We laughed so hard we cried when we saw this!