Where in the world is Tami – I’m back!!!

img00050I’m back! Did you miss me?

I’m so sorry for the week without posting, it was completely unexpected. We went on a family vacation to the beautiful, rocky shore of Belfast, ME last week and I thought I’d have internet access and would be able to post from the trip. Turns out I was not able to get online, which would’ve been fine had I known ahead of time, I’d have planned for it.

Sadly, while we were away we received word that a good friend had passed away from cancer. We came back early to support and celebrate her life with family and friends. After the services on Monday, Steve and I took our motorcycles out for a long ride. We wanted to enjoy some time together, and were both thinking life is too short to not take some time out.

img00056Somehow our ride landed at the Harley Davidson dealer, Steve needed a new pair of sunglasses. The next thing you know, we’re looking at new motorcycles and bidding goodbye to my Honda Shadow and driving away on a brand new 2010 Harley!! I guess the moral of the story is don’t go to the Harley dealer after a funeral when you’re feeling life’s too short…Steve got one heck of an expensive pair of sunglasses lol!

Stay tuned tomorrow when I bring cool stamping projects back to the blog!!

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    1. Anita A. says:

      Enjoy your new toy!

    2. Too bad I didnt know you were in the area. I would have let you use our internet. I am about 20 minutes from where you were.

    3. So sorry about your friend. Enjoy your new purchase & be careful!

    4. Debbie West says:

      I DID MISS YOU! I’m so sorry about your friend. You are totally rockin’ that new bike! Enjoy, but be safe.

      Looking forward to a “stinkin’ cool” new video soon!

    5. I did miss you – was starting to get worried about you!! Sorry about your friend, congrats on the new Harley, have fun and ride safe! Can’t wait to see the next video – love your site!

    6. HI Tami!Congrats on your new toy! I didn’t know that you all rode Harley’s! We do too! Well…I ride on the back..lol…I don’t have my own. But it is fun to ride, nothing like it. We looked at a new one (2010)in Myrtle Beach when we were there. Sweet!!!
      I am sorry to hear about your friend. My prayers are with them and you all.
      Have a great time riding!