Stamping on a Budget: Join my Online VIP Stamp Club!

In the world of crafting, maintaining a wish list that surpasses your grocery list is a familiar struggle. But fear not, fellow crafters! It’s time to unlock a budget-friendly and rewarding way to build your stamping supplies. Welcome to the online VIP Stamp Club – where your crafting dreams meet financial prudence.

1. Crafting for Every Level

My online VIP Stamp Club is designed to cater to crafters of all levels, from beginners dipping their toes into the world of stamping to advanced artists seeking to expand their creative horizons. No prior experience is necessary; all you need is the passion for crafting.

2. Budget-Friendly Bliss

Are you torn between expanding your stamp collection and sticking to a budget? My VIP Membership Club has the perfect solution! By committing to a minimum monthly purchase of $15 in Stampin’ Up products through my online store, you can gradually build up your stamping supplies without breaking the bank.

3. Perks Galore

Joining the online VIP Stamp Club comes with a multitude of perks and bonuses. As you consistently invest in your crafting journey, watch the rewards roll in. Enjoy exclusive discounts, special offers, VIP Giveaways, Free catalogs and more freebies that will elevate your stamping experience.

4. Staying Within Your Budget

Say goodbye to the guilt of splurging on your crafting essentials. With the online VIP Stamp Club, you can seamlessly budget your purchases over 12 months. This structured approach ensures that you can indulge in your crafting desires while keeping your financial goals intact.

If your wish list is outgrowing your grocery list, it’s time to make a savvy move. Join our online VIP Stamp Club today and embark on a journey where creativity meets financial sensibility. Crafters nationwide are already reaping the rewards – don’t miss out on the fun! Start building your stamping haven without breaking the bank. Happy crafting!


🌟 VIP Membership Perks: Unlock a World of Exclusive Benefits!

My VIP Membership comes packed with an array of exciting perks to enhance your crafting experience. Here’s a glimpse of the fantastic benefits you’ll enjoy as a valued VIP member:

  1. Free Take Your Pick Tool Gift:

    • A handy tool to elevate your crafting precision and convenience.
  2. Exclusive Card Class Each Month:

    • Delve into the art of card making with a dedicated monthly class.
    • Engage with detailed “How to” video tutorials.
    • Follow along seamlessly with step-by-step written instructions and vibrant photos.
  3. Access to VIP Class Library:

      • Enjoy unlimited access to an extensive library of VIP-exclusive classes.
  4. VIP Discounts on Exclusive Kits:

    • Avail special discounts on my exclusive stamps in the mail crafting kits, curated just for VIP members.
  5. Free Stampin Up Catalogs:

    • Automatically receive the latest Stampin Up catalogs to stay ahead of the crafting curve.
  6. Earn Frequent Buyer Points:

    • Accumulate Frequent Buyer Points with every VIP order to unlock fabulous rewards.
  7. $40 Free Bonus Products Annually:

    • Celebrate your membership anniversary with $40 worth of free bonus products of your choice.
  8. Monthly Prize Patrols:

    • Stand a chance to win free products in my monthly giveaways.
  9. Exclusive Offers and Specials:

    • Be the first to access exclusive offers and specials crafted just for our VIP members.
  10. And Much More:

    • Brace yourself for surprises, delightful exclusives, and a lot more that awaits you!

Join my VIP community today and elevate your crafting journey to new heights. Your creativity deserves the VIP treatment! 🌈🎨✨


Welcome to our exclusive VIP Members Club, where your ordering gains you perks! Here’s a detailed overview of how my VIP club works:

Membership Duration:

  • Each VIP Member enjoys a 12-month membership, ensuring a full year of premium benefits and exclusive offers.

Monthly Minimum Order:

  • To stay active and continue enjoying the VIP privileges, members are required to place a minimum order of $15 in our online store each month.

Final Month Bonus:

  • As a special thank you for your loyalty, on your final month of membership, VIP Members receive $40 worth of free products.

Double Dip Opportunities:

My VIP Members have the unique advantage of “Double Dipping” into multiple offers:

  1. Frequent Buyer Points Program:

    • Club orders over $25 automatically qualify for our Frequent Buyer Points program, allowing members to accumulate points for future rewards.
  2. Free Tutorial Gifts:

    • Club orders receive my Free Ordering Tutorial gifts each month, enhancing your crafting experience with even more valuable tips and insights.
  3. Exclusive Kit Discounts:

    • VIP Members enjoy exclusive discounts on my specially curated stamps in the mail kits, adding extra value to your creative endeavors.

How to Join:

  • Becoming a VIP Member is easy! Simply sign up for a 12-month membership and start enjoying the perks right away.

Benefits Recap:

  • 12-month membership duration.
  • $15 minimum order per month to stay active.
  • $40 in free products on your final month.
  • Free Take Your Pick Tool Gift when you join (this arrives on your 2nd month in the club).
  • Free Monthly Video Class.
  • Access to my VIP Class Video Library.
  • “Double Dip” with Frequent Buyer Points, Free Tutorial gifts, and exclusive kit discounts.

I believe in pampering our VIP Members with the finest products and exclusive perks. Join the club and experience a year of creativity, savings, and surprises!


Joining the VIP Members club is a simple and straightforward process. Follow the steps below to become a part of my exclusive community and enjoy a range of benefits for the next 12 months:

  1. Fill out the VIP Application: Start by completing the VIP Application form. This form is designed to collect necessary information and ensure that you agree to the terms and conditions of the VIP Members club. Take your time to provide accurate details, and make sure to carefully read how the club works above and accept the terms outlined in the application.

  2. Submission of the Form: After filling out the application, submit the form. This can usually be done online for your convenience. Rest assured that your information will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.

  3. Notification of Approval: Once your application is submitted, you can expect to receive a notification of approval within 1-2 business days. This notification will confirm your successful enrollment in the VIP Members club.

  4. Unlocking Benefits: Upon approval, you will gain immediate access to all the exclusive benefits associated with my VIP Members club. These benefits may include special discounts, early access to events or products, personalized services, and much more.

  5. Membership Duration: Your VIP membership is valid for the next 12 months from the date of approval. During this period, you can enjoy the privileges and advantages reserved for our VIP community.

By following these steps, you’ll seamlessly join my VIP Members club and embark on a year-long journey of exceptional experiences and exclusive perks. I’ll look forward to welcoming you!

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