HOLIDAY HELPER 2016 – 25 Days of Christmas Project Tutorials Free


**Special Edition Newsletter**


Thank you for another awesome Holiday Helper season! Will be back next year

Tami’s Holiday Helper 2016
25 days of Christmas Project Tutorials – Free
 Each year I share a free program called Holiday Helper, which is normally 12 days of Christmas Projects and full tutorials. Lots of love and time goes into preparing for this event every year, and I offer it completely free as a thank you. This year, I have a big bonus, I’ll be sharing 2 sets of Holiday Helper tutorials, for a total of 25 FREE HOLIDAY TUTORIALS
  • Part 1: 13 Days of Christmas tutorials from Team Stamp It
  • Part 2: 12 Days of Christmas bonus tutorials
  • For a total of 25 Holiday Project tutorials absolutely free!
  • This amazing online event begins November 1, 2016 and runs for 25 days

Eventbrite - Holiday Helper 2015 - 12 Days of Christmas Projects & Tutorials


Wouldn’t it be nice to have creative ideas delivered to your inbox? The holidays are just around the corner, and I have a wonderful opportunity for you! I am going to be sending out my free 25 Days of Christmas Project Tutorials that will not only put you in the holiday mood, but help you enjoy a handcrafted holiday season. See a “sneak peek” below.
Each day, for 12 25 days, you will receive an email with:
  • Project tutorial.pdfwith full color photographs for each daily project. Each tutorial is at least 6 pages with full detail including:
    • Project of the Day full color photo
    • Step-by-step tutorial with photographs that shows you exactly how to do the project
    • Complete Supply List
My Holiday Helper 2016 is absolutely FREE! My holiday gift to you, however you must sign up for this special mails.
The fun begins November 1, and runs for 25 days, it will include both Part 1 and Part 2 of this series. If you join after Nov 1, your Holiday Helper will begin within a day of when you join.




Share the Holiday Helper video (or this blog post) on your Facebook, then post on the video (either Facebook, or Youtube) that you have shared with #holidayhelpercontest.


  1. Share the Holiday Helper video, or this blog post, on your Facebook
  2. Comment under the original video on my Facebook page (click here) with the #holidayhelpercontest
    1. IMPORTANT: I will be pulling the entries from the original video on my Facebook (and Google+) so be sure to leave your comments there or they won’t be entered.

ALTERNATIVE ENTRY: If you do not have Facebook, you can also share this video (click here) on Google+, then comment on the original video on Google+ to enter.

I will combine all entries, draw a winner and announce on my Winners Circle on November 10.

Did you know?

If you join Stampin Up with me, or a member of my Stamp It Demonstrator Group, you are able to send Part 1 of these tutorials to your customers free? It’s true, another bonus of being a demo. Click for details on joining



  • Q: Why does the registration say “event”, I thought this was via email
    • A: Holiday Helper is a free “online event” that takes place via email. I use Eventbrite’s “event registration” system to manage the sign ups. The sign up form may refer to “tickets” and confirmation will say “you’ve registered for an event“, it’s just the terminology the system uses. You do not have to be local to participate.
  • Q: I signed up for Holiday Helper, but I haven’t received any emails
    • 99% of the time this happens because you have unsubscribed from my newsletter mailings in the past. Whether intentional, or not, If you have ever hit “unsubscribe” from any of my newsletters in the past, even accidentally, Constant Contact will not allow me to re-add your email address. Please email me directly and let me know. I’ll send you the steps to take to be added to this special mailing.




January 16-31


  1. Excited about getting the projects in my email, can’t wait to start them

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  3. ava gavloski says

    Thanks for the advance notice and organizing this inspirational holiday event, appreciated

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    I shared on facebook and am so excited to receive this year’s Holiday Helpers. They are always wonderful every year. Thank you so much for all of your hard work in putting this together every year for us. I’m also excited for a chance to win the adorable scrap bin. So cute!!

  15. Chris R. from Iowa says


    Looking forward to the projects! I just watched the piano birthday card video and I want to make that card for my friend’s birthday which is at the end of November. Gives me time to perfect the key placement! Thanks for sharing your talent with us. I will need the cute scrap bin to hold all my scraps! I forwarded your video on to some of my friends as I do not facebook and all that stuff!

  16. Robin Phillips says

    How hard with this be if you were one-handed, I signed up for your free 25 days of Christmas stamping I think I would really enjoy this but I don’t want to invest if I can’t do it easily when he handed.

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    Linda B.

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  29. Tami, I love these projects, I especially am thrilled with today’s Match Book Case. I have seen this done a couple of other places but no instructions given, great to have the how-to, to make. All the other projects so far have been fabulous all so. Can’t wait to see the rest.

  30. Deborah Beard says

    I love the 25 days Holiday Helpers. I didn’t get Day 10. I’ve gotten all the rest. Anyway to get the one I don’t have? I’ve checked my spam and it’s not there. Thanks for all you do.

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    I have not gotten anything since the 7th day. I keep checking but nothing. Help??

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